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Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Securi lid 218 Lockable Bakkie Covers. Safe, Strong, Secure. Available on demand for most makes of bakkies. On sale now. Let us fit a Lid for you, you won’t be sorry.

Durable and Tough, the Securi-lid is engineered on world class global standards, OEM approved and guaranteed to give you peace of mind!

The 218 Roll Top Lid  is the best on the market, aesthetically good-looking, more user friendly, with an improved locking mechanism, making it easy to operate. Let’s look at some of its features.

What are the features of the 218 Securi lid 218?

  • Locks the tailgate in, giving you access to the tailgate when the Lid is closed.
  • Mid-stop position.
  • Side channel to mount accessories.
  • Under rail positional clips.
  • Manually operated.


  • 1-year warranty on the lid itself.
  • 3-year warranty on the spring system.




Securi lid 218 vs 216

The moulded handle on the Securi lid  218 together with the mid-stop position makes the 218 different to the 216 Lid. It not only provides a more comfortable grip when opening the lid, but retracts to multiple stopping positions, giving you the option of part-use of your load space when needed. Accessing your goods through the tailgate without opening the Lid itself, is such a win, thereby negating the need for more elbow grease.  The 216 has none of these features and is being phased out over time.


It is important to note that the 218 Securilid is not suitable for DIY. Your warranty will be lost. The key to all of this is the correct fitment from the start!

This 218 Roller Shutter Cover is second to none, making it a “must have” accessory.  Not only does it offer peace of mind, but it also enhances your vehicle’s looks. Purchase a Securilid 218, it is the latest in the range.

What is the Securi lid all about?

This cover provides the ultimate form of security for your bakkie whilst stationary and in motion. Commonly known as Armadillo but better known as Securi lid Lockable Bakkie Cover, it is the safest lockable cover you can purchase. If you are looking for security and safe keeping of your goods, this is the best bullet proof protection you can get.

More loosely referred to or described by various names such as, Roller Shutter Lid, Load Body Covers, Lockable Bakkie Covers, Roll Top Covers, Bakkie Roller Covers and Bin Covers to name a few, this best describes the Lid.

The Securi-lid is basically made up of aluminium slats forming a roller load body cover which is mounted on the top of the load bin of the vehicle. The cover is manually operated with a strong spring system that allows the lid to be easily retracted into the shutter bin located just behind the vehicle’s cab area. It  takes up a relatively small space of the bin area (approx. 30cm).

This Lockable Bakkie Cover stood the test of time and serves many purposes. Available only in black.

The product quality is undoubted. The after sales service is superior and there are many agents all around the country to assist you in your time of need.

Purchase a Securilid 218 from Midrand Canopy Centre, now.

ISUZU Roller Shutter Lid

How does the Securi lid work?

This load body cover/ aluminium roller shutter system works similarly to that of a garage roller shutter door. It is based on the same principle, remains locked when not in use and rolls opened when you need to access the load bin.

The rope pulley system allows you to pull the lid back towards you with relative ease, clicking it back into position, when closed. It is as simple as that!

Is the Lockable Bakkie Cover completely waterproof?

The answer is simply no. This is purely because no lid is not 100% waterproof, although 99% of the time, they are. These Roller Shutter Doors have an advanced water drainage system built into the unit, which allows for proper drainage, but in cases of torrential storms and flooding,  you could experience some leaks. This in-built drainage system must be cleaned frequently to allow for proper drainage.

Be vigilant and exercise caution when washing the Lid.  Water could enter through the tailgate where water would have naturally entered anyway. It’s important to take note of this as it could easily be mistaken for water leaks coming entering through the slats of the Roll Top Cover.

Securi lid 218 Roll Top Cover with Rollbar - Navara

What makes this Roller Shutter Cover secure?

As a leader in the industry, what more could you expect from a security perspective? The locking facility is built directly into the tailgate allows for maximum protection against theft providing an added measure of security.  Securi lid is the only roller shutter lid/cover to offer this extra protection. Once your load body cover is closed and locked, you will not be able to access the bakkie’s bin unless the Securi lid is unlocked. In the new range of the Securi lid 218 series, this system allows you to access your goods via the tailgate without opening your roller shutter lid, but only on certain vehicles. It’s a product that not only looks good but offers maximum protection at the same time.

Does your bakkie have a Rollbar or Sportsbar?

If it does, well and good, you will still retain your existing roll bar, so don’t stress. Roll Bar conversions are done by tailoring/modifying the rollbar/sportsbar which is then remounted onto the lid with special brackets. It does not matter whether is it stainless steel or mild steel powder coated; the process is the same.

The conversion will cost you a little extra, but it is worth every penny!


Does it matter where you fit your Securi lid?

Yes, it does matter. Remember to make use of an approved fitment centre if you want a trouble-free fitment. Bakkie roller covers need to be properly installed the first time around and that’s the key.

Refrain from using unaccredited fitment centres’ or you will experience never-ending issues with your lid. To retain your sanity, consider fitting a Roller Shutter Lid by the skilled technicians and never forget to service your lid at least once annually.

The Roller Shutter cover looks good on any vehicle, so why not fit one now!


Do you need to service your Securi-lid?

Yes, you do, at least once annually.  It is just as important as your vehicle, in order to ensure the drainage pipes are clear and work during the rainy season to enable the roller cover to continue to operate smoothly. Your agent should inform and/or advise you of the importance of a service at the time of purchase of the Roller Shutter Lid.

We have a Roller Shutter Lid for just about every bakkie type

Roller Shutter Cover Chev UTE  Securi lid

Sliding Cover – Chev UTE

Securi lids are available for almost all makes of Bakkies. Come and have your Roller Shutter Cover fitted with Midrand Canopy Centre now. We also stock racks to mount your bicycles.

RollTop Cover with crossbars to mount a Bike Rack



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