Rubberizing for Bakkies

Rubberizing for bakkies. We are the connoiseurs. Thickness of 3mm and 5mm. Protect your bakkie’s load-bin from scratches and rust. Call us.

Commonly referred to  as Bakkie Lining, Poly Lining, Rhino lining,  rubberizing,  a must for every bakkie!  Call us now. 


Rubberizing your Bakkie is the way to go

A perfect way to protect your vehicle’s bin area is to rubberize it. It not only offers excellent protection against corrosion, abrasion and impact damage, it acts as a protective barrier against rust as well. The coating prevents your goods from moving around in the bin of the vehicle thereby protecting your load.

We use only high quality chemicals from reputable suppliers to provide you with the best outcome, designed to last forever giving you peace of mind. 


The rubberizing process

It is important that the vehicle is properly prepared, before the rubberising process is started. Hence the length of time it takes to rubberize a vehicle.  Short circuiting will only result in the application not fully bonding with the metal, which is a common problem in the industry.

Prior to spraying, a protective cover is put onto the vehicle to ensure overspray does not occur. The polyurethane coating is sprayed under high pressure, which forms a protective barrier on the surface. After the spray on application has dried off (instantaneous process), the excess rubber is carefully cut away,  giving the edges a neat finish.



Look and Feel of Rubberising

Rubberising can be done in varying thicknesses. The standard is  3mm or a more heavy duty is usually 5mm.

We rubberize all types of bakkies from half tonners to one / two tonners including trailers. We are also able to do panel vans such as Ford Transit and VW Crafters, etc.



The “Water Look” rubberising pattern, is  the most popular.  It is important to to consider the present and future use of your vehicle before making a decision, whether to apply a thicker coat or not.  The chemicals used are strong and last.

The approximate time it takes to rubberize a vehicle is between 4 – 5  hours, depending on the type of vehicle in question. It is important to note that not all Rubberising products are the same. Be careful of cheap variants and DIY jobs. Only use SABS approved quality products ensuring the best workmanship and finish.


We provide a  one year warranty on the rubberising.

A handy tip to bear in mind, refrain from using sharp instruments such and spades and picks. You will loose your warranty!


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  1. Good day Sir/Madam,

    please assist with a quotation for both 3mm and the 5mm rubberising.

    Vehicle :HYUNDAI
    Model : H100
    Year : 2015
    VIN no : KMFZBX7BLFU159500
    MM code : 26530401

  2. Please send me a quote for rubberizing the load bin and tailgate of my 2022 Ford Wildtrak Double Cab bakkie. The plastic lining of the bin and tailgate must also be removed.

  3. (1) Please quote me on rubberizing the bin of my 2005 model Nissan (2.4L) hardbody D/D and how long can the job take?
    (2) Also quote me on rubberizing my 6foot long Venter trailer and how long it can take to do the job.

  4. Hi
    Are you able to do a touch up on existing rubberising?
    I purchased a bakkie with rubberising but its coming off in some areas.

  5. Hie,
    I am kindly requesting for a quote for an executive canopy, roll bar, nudge bar and rubberising for a 2014 Isuzu KB 250 double cab bakkie.


  6. Where is the place for rubberizing the bakkie, I will like to bring my bakkie for rubberizing it is 1400nissan bakkie and how much is to rubberize.

  7. Good Day,
    I need a quote for rubberizing a Toyota Hilux double cab please.
    Thank You in advance.
    M Young

  8. Dear Team,
    Kindly send me a quotation for Rubberizing for Bakkies , I need to know how much is one box , how many liter please

  9. Good morning, may you send me a a quote to rubberize a VW Amarok double cab. The bin is currently not rubberized

  10. 5mm Rubberizing of the Toyota Hilux and aluminum lockable roller covers.
    please supply quotes. how long will it take to install.

  11. Good afternoon, please could I get a quote to rubberize a Toyota Hilux double cab. The bin is currently not rubberized.

    Kind regards

  12. Afternoon
    Can I be assisted for the Rubberising for a Isuzu Bakkie bubble Cab. 2022 X rider moder.
    I’m in Eastern Cape (Queenstown)
    My number is 079 4343 358.

  13. Good afternoon,

    I am looking to rubberize my Town & Country 300 trailer. It is the nose cone and the trailer bin itself. Is it advisable to do the lid inside too? What will it cost to do the trailer with 5mm water look?

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