FAQ- Your General Fitment Guideline


Q : Does all Beekman Products come with a 2 year Warranty?

A: Yes a 2 Warranty on The Canopy Shell and 1 Year Warranty On any Mechanical Items


Q: Do you guys do Tow Bars for any type of Vehicle

A: Unfortunately not, we only fit tow bars to Light commercial vehicles


Q: Is there a Landmark on how to get to your place

A: Yes certainly. We are close to GM in Midrand which is just off New Road



Q: Do you guys have card Facilities

A: Yes we do, we however do not take any cheque payments


Q: What is your working hours and do you open on a Saturday.

A: 7:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and we unfortunately do not open on a Saturday


Q: What is the main difference between a Standard and an Executive Canopy

A: The Executive has No Rubbers on the Windows, Air vents, Speak Box Housings, Sporty Roof rails and come is a Sleek Smooth and Sporty Look. The Standard doesn’t have these features.


Q: Would i need to Make an appointment or can i just walk in

A: We only work on appointments so it is better to phone and book your vehicle in to avoid disappointment



Q: Would i need to pay a deposit before placing an order for an item?

A: In most instances yes, we would need a 50% deposit before we can order your item from our factory


Q: Does Midrand Canopies only supply Nudge bars, do you guys do any other accessories for bakkies

A: We do Nudge Bars, Sporty roof Rails, Bull Bars, Bumper replacements etc. We can supply and fit almost any accessory to any bakkie. If we cant we will be sure to point you in the right direction


Q: Do you guys have a pick and deliver service or do you do onsite fitments?

A: No we do not and we don’t do onsite  fitments either


Q: Do you guys do payment terms

A: No we do not, you can pay buy card, EFT or Cash


Q: What load can i carry on top of my canopy

A: Beekman Canopies can take a max load of 80 Kilograms. If you would like to carry a bigger load we would recommend that you have the canopy reinforced. We can do the reinforcement for you as well.


Q: When i had my Galvanized roof racks installed on my vehicle i also had telestruts installed for the extra support on the canopy. How Much weight will i be able to load on my canopy rack


A: Between 300 and 350 Kilograms


Q: Is there an extra cost for color matching of my canopy and how long would the color matching take

A: Yes the price would vary depending on the type of vehicle you have and the color matching can take up to seven working days


Q: Can i take my product to any Beekman fitment center if there is a problem with it

A: Yes that is correct


  1. Can I put a roof rack on the sporty rails of beekman executive? Will the plastic of the sporty rail hold the load?

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