Bakkie Racks / Roof Racks

Bakkie Racks / Roof Racks. Made from galvanized steel, our custom design fits any type of Bakkie, old or new. Various types in stock. Call us now.

At  Midrand Canopy Centre we have a rack for your every need, irrespective of whether your bakkie has a canopy on it or not,  including a variety of bakkie racks to choose from such as:

  • Bumper to Windscreen Racks
  • Bumper to Bumper Racks
  • Panel Van Racks
  • Glass Racks
  • Telkom Spec Racks
  • Numerous rack accessories to compliment enhance your needs.

Looking to fit a Bakkie Rack, Ladder Rack, Contractors Roof Racks or just about any rack, you are at the right place. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you cannot go wrong.

Our Racks are built last and fitments are speedy and accurate. We are the connoisseur’s  in rack fitments.

Should you wish to purchase online, these contractors’ racks are easy to install and can be delivered to you provided you are within the borders of SA.

A Roof Rack for your every need

We have them all. Make your choice now! Made from galvanized mild steel, our Bakkie racks have stood the test over time and proven to last much longer than any other rack on the market.

Our Racks  are versatile and can be enhanced with various accessories  making it more user friendly and easier to use, thereby improving efficiency and reducing time-consuming tasks.

The bolt-on system provides the rack with the  ability to better withstand dimensional tension than those that are merely welded together. So take this into account when making a purchase!

Rack and stack up with our wide range of roof racks now!

Bumper to bumper Bakkie Racks /Roof Racks



NP200 Bumper to Windscreen Bakkie Racks

Bumper to Windscreen Bakkie Rack – Half Tonner


What is a Bakkie Rack?

The term “Bakkie Rack” usually refers to racks that fit bakkies without canopies.  Manufactured in 2 styles,  bumper to the windscreen and bumper to bumper.

The racks  comes in standard lengths,  which is produced in line with the legal requirement for example, a half tonne bakkie takes  a 2.6m rack and a one tonne bakkie takes  3.0m  – 3.5m rack,  depending on the length of the vehicle.

Designed to load long lengths and heavy items.


What is a  Bumper to Bumper Bakkie Rack?

It is a rack that  runs from the rear of the bakkie to the front bumper with a steel structure running across the top of the vehicle. Produced for bakkies with or without canopies. It can be mounted on the lip of the bin or onto the floor of the bin. The length of these racks range from 4.4m to 5,3m  starting at the rear bumper and ends at the front bumper of the bakkie, depending on the type of the bakkie.

What is a Bumper to Bumper Canopy Rack?

Same as it above, just mounted onto the canopy, instead of the bin.  The rack covers the entire length of the vehicle running from the rear bumper to the front bumper. Also ranges from 4.4m to 5,3m in length, depending on the vehicle type. Visit or canopy rack page for pictures. https://www.midrandcanopies.co.za/canopy-racks/

Bakkie Racks – Gallery


Bumper to Windscreen Canopy Rack

This rack that runs from the rear of the vehicle and ends just before the windscreen as can be seen in the picture below.  Length  sizes range from 2,6m to 3,5m.




Bumper to Bumper Bakkie Rack

Contractors Racks / Truck Racks

These racks are  basically the same as the bakkie racks, just bigger. Built for workhorses such as two tonners and/or medium sized trucks. You cannot go wrong.

Truck racks

Bakkie Rack Accessories

Telestruts Canopy Supports

Telestruts is an essential part to enable capacity loading, mounted on the inside the four corners of the canopy, the Telestruts provide support which prevents the canopy  cracking, owing to overloading. It also  provides the ability to load up to an additional 150 kilograms in spread weight. This is an optional extra and  strongly recommended for those heavier loads.  Can only be used where the bakkie has a canopy on it.

Bakkie Rack – Load Stoppers

By its very definition, the load stopper,  guards against your goods accidentally falling off your vehicle.

Ladders – Mounted on Racks

A Ladder is must, especially when trying to load goods onto the bakkie’s rack. Made from galvanized steel, the ladder mounts either to the side of vehicle  or on the rear of the vehicle. This will enable you to more easily load and unload/access the goods from the rack.

Double Rollers – Bakkie Racks

These rollers are mounted at the rear end of the rack to enable you to load ladders  without damaging your vehicle. Ideal for vehicles with canopies and panel vans as well.

Cattle Rails / Stockman Rails

Cattle rails or Stockman Rails  is a multipurpose rail initially designed to transport livestock and farm labourers. These rails can be disassembled when not in use. Available in powder-coated black. It also makes provision for a canvas tent. 

Visit our separate page on the drop-down screen for more information and pictures.  Please note the above is merely a guideline and variants may naturally occur.

Please call to enquire about your vehicle for more accurate information.

Bakkie Racks – Gallery

Bakkie Rack

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  1. Please can I have a quote for a rack same as the one on the Chevrolet half tonner picture (On tap signage)

  2. Hi I would like to get quotes for 3 cars here and we do the installation for ourselves, a Nissan np200, Kia bakkie and vw caddy commercial vehicle, pls send me the quote as soon as you can

  3. Good day,
    Will you please quote us on the following.
    Galvanized Steel Square/Round Bars Roof Rack – 01 Each (to be installed on Single Cab Isuzu Open Bakkie, Model 2021, Bumper to Bumper 5.8 Meter, for loading approx 1 ton of Aluminium Frames profiles)

    Please include the following on the quote:
    Registered/Business Address (Please mention Registered/Business Address on tax invoice and quote)

    Veer Aluminium Pty Ltd
    VAT 4240300972
    1 Van Till Road
    Alrode, Alberton

    Delivery Address
    Corner of Main Road (M18) & South View Road
    Clayville, Olifantsfontein, 1665

  4. Good morning

    Can you please send me a quotation for a roof rack and a canopy rack for a opel corsa utility. Thanks

  5. Good Morning
    To whom it may concern
    I looking for Roof Racks for Mazda BT-50 bakkie 2010
    your respond will be highly appreciated

  6. Do you fit “rails/tracks” onto a Fortuner in place of the OEM rails?

    I believe I need to fit these rails before I can fit a rooftop tent?

  7. Hi!
    I need a bumper to bumper roofrack for a 2010 Mazda BT-50 2.6i 4×4 Single cab bakkie? Can you please quote me please?
    Budget is tight, so I will go for used or new, please?
    Thanks & Jesuslove

  8. Good morning,

    I hope you are well.

    I did send a message via Whatsapp.

    I would like to kindly enquire or request a quotation for a roof rack on a Nissan NP300. The inner dimensions are 1220mm wide by 3000mm long.

    I trust the above is in order and look forward to your response.

  9. Gooday
    I am looking for a roofrack for a Nissan 1400, bumper to bumper, to install onto of a canopy .
    Do you have and how much?

  10. Good Morning
    To whom it may concern
    I looking for canopy for Mazda BT-50 bakkie 2010 . back of the bakkie is pick up design
    thank you
    your respond will be highly appreciated.

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