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Midrand Canopies is an accredited  Beekman Fitment Centre and is situated conveniently between Johannesburg and Pretoria, in a Secure Business Park (Tillbury Business Park Unit B2), 16th Road in Midrand, Gauteng South Africa (Cnr. George and 16th Road). We offer a wide range of bakkie accessories and services such as Canopies, Rubberizing, Bakkie Racks, Roller Shutter Lids, Securi-Lid, Tonneau Covers, Nudge Bars, Roll Bars, Sports Bars, Bull Bars and Tow Bars.

If you are looking for bakkie accessories then look no further than Midrand Canopy Centre. We specialise in the supply and installation of a wide variety of bakkie accessories at reasonable prices. Should you wish to purchase without installation, the product(s) can be shipped to you provided it is within the borders of South Africa.

Please call us on (011) 3141268 or contact us through our website or on 0824574198

Beekman Fibre Glass Canopies | Rhinoman Aluminium Canopies and RSI SmartCap Stainless Steel Canopies

We supply and fit, Beekman Fibre Glass Canopies, Rhinoman Aluminium Canopies, RSI SmartCap Stainless Steel Canopies and Strong Mild Steel Canopies. Most of our Fibre Glass range of canopies are produced on demand. Our Aluminium Canopies and Stainless Steel Canopies are manufactured on confirmed orders.

Beekman Fibre Glass Canopies

Are you looking for quality Fibre Glass canopies? Looking for a manufacturers warranty with peace of mind? All Beekman fibreglass canopies come with a 2-year warranty. Your product will be repaired or replaced should there be a defect or fault. Looking for something sleek, smooth and sporty? Take a look at the Beekman executive range. Looking for something plain yet stylish? Take a look at the Beekman standard canopy range.  We supply and fit Fibre Glass Canopies for most vehicles which include the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok, Isuzu D-Max, Nissan NP200 and so on. 

RSI SmartCap Stainless Steel Canopies

The RSI SmartCap Canopies are the world’s first modular designed truck cap system. Forged from stainless steel (not fibreglass), the smartcap canopies are more than just a tough, safe and reliable high-quality stainless steel canopy with an abundant level of key features. The sleek but rugged look of the RSI Evo Canopy will certainly enhance the look of your vehicle.

The RSI canopies are made from Automotive Grade Stainless Steel and have a lightweight design and are extremely durable.

Rhinoman Aluminium Canopies

Rhinoman Canopies are produced from 100% Automotive grade aluminium.  These canopies are manufactured with a unique design. All canopies are manufactured using the latest CAD technology. Welding is done at tolerance jig to ensure no deforming takes place during welding. The canopy is then finished in a durable powder coat layer.
Visit our Rhinoman Aluminium Canopies page for further info.

Strong Steel Canopies

Our Strong Steel Bakkie Canopies are Custom Designed and are Available in Full Door, Half Door, Hi-line and Low-line styles. Optional extras are side opening/tilt-up doors with or without windows. Our Steel Canopies are super strong and sturdy, great for both commercial use and leisure. You can choose from a comprehensive range of accessories to the finest handcrafted trim.

Bakkie Racks/Contractors Roof Racks/Ladder Racks

Made to fit just about every make of Bakkie or Panel Van, new or old, large or small. Our racks are guaranteed to fit your Bakkie.

Order your bumper to windscreen rack, bumper to bumper rack or a Telkom Spec Rack now.  The racks are perfect for tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, builders, maintenance contractors etc. Whilst load capacity is limited to your vehicle specification, your canopy (if the vehicle has one) can be further strengthened with a support system referred to as Telestruts. This will enable you to carry heavier loads depending on your requirements.

Galvanized Steel racks work perfectly on any type of bakkie with or without a canopy.

Our Bakkie Racks and Canopy Racks are fitted professionally and perfectly, the first time around. We offer a wide range of accessories to compliment the Bakkie Racks which is designed to make your tasks easier, more versatile and enhance labour efficiency. It is important to note that all our racks are bolted together when fitted. It’s a proven fact that racks bolted together can withstand dimensional tension better than welded ones. All our racks come with a warranty.


Rubberising is done mainly on bakkie bins such as half tonners, single cabs, panelvans, double cabs, safari and game viewing vehicles, trailers and so on offering maximum protection. The quality of the product used is second to none.

Rubberising not only protects your goods from moving around the bin of the vehicle, but it also protects the bin of the bakkie from rust as well. We offer Rubberising with a standard 3mm thickness and heavy-duty 5mm thickness, whatever your preference.

This polyurethane coating is sprayed onto a surface under high pressure which offers excellent protection against corrosion abrasion and impact damage.

Rubberizing for Bakkies comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and workmanship.

Securilid Bakkie Covers, Roller Shutter Covers/Lids/Doors

Securi-Lid is a robust aluminium roller shutter load-body cover that makes your hard-working vehicle more versatile by providing maximum protection. It is a quick and easy way to lock away your goods/load, without compromising your security.  Best product on the market by far!

Not only does it enhance your bakkie’s good looks, but its strength, durability and cost-effectiveness also make the Securi-Lid the ideal solution to covering your bakkie’s load. The Securi lid is weatherproof and offers easy access. Available in Black and Silver. All Securi-lid roller shutter covers/lids/doors come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a two-year warranty on the spring.

Bull Bars/Nudge Bars /Roll Bars/Sports Bars/Side Steps

All our range of bakkie accessories such as Nudge Bars, Bull Bars, Roll Bars, Sports Bars, Side Steps and so on is produced in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel (Chrome or Black). It is important to understand that Nudge Bars and Roll Bars or Sports Bars are mainly an aesthetic feature, rather than protecting the vehicle as such, when in an accident. Our product looks great on most bakkies, old or new. Visit or nudge bar page for more information.

Tow Bars

Fitting a Towbar to your vehicle can give you a wide range of benefits, from towing a Trailer to a Caravan or a Boat. We stock  2 types of affordable Towbars for Bakkies and certain SUVs only, namely, Fixed Head and/or Detachable. Our Towbars cater for commercial use and leisure activities.

Both the fixed head and detachable Towbars have the same towing capacity. When choosing a Towbar, keep the manufacturer’s recommendation in mind.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers are usually used to prevent dust, rain/water and dirt from entering your load bin area. Most importantly, its reduces fuel consumption. Our Tonneau Covers are made from Leather embossed material and canvas, double-stitched with a warranty period of (six) 6 months.

All our bakkie covers are manufactured from the highest graded, superior quality fabric which undoubtedly provides peace of mind. Our tonneau covers are made to last.  There are two types of Tonneau covers on offer,  a clip-on or elasticated rope tie on.

The Clip-On Tonneau Cover is installed with an aluminium frame and brackets. It is mounted onto the load bin. The cover is then clipped on making it more effective. It will to a large extent prevent rainwater from entering the bin depending on the angle at which the rain is blowing.

Elasticated Rope Tie-On Cover is recommended mainly for frequent use of the bakkie’s bin to access goods. A frame is installed near the bakkie’s cab. Little plugs/clips are placed onto the side panels (exterior) of the load bin. The elasticated rope is then fastened onto the clips/plugs. This Elasticated Rope Tie-On Cover also provides maximum protection against inclement weather conditions. Choose your cover now!






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59 thoughts on “Midrand Canopies

  1. Hi I’m looking for tonnaeu cover corners that join the rail on top top of tail gate for Ford Ranger Double cab 2017.

    Please send me quote.

    1. Hi

      We do not stock parts for tonneau covers

  2. Hi

    Do you rent out canopies. Want to hire a canopy for NP200?

    1. Hi
      Unfortunately we do not hire out canopies

  3. Good day
    Please provide me with better photos of the Nissan NP200 Side Bars Stainless Steel 2010 > 170018T
    Does the bolts and fitment instructions come with the side bars?
    Is the side bars straight or are they bent on the ends?

    1. Hi
      A quote was sent to you
      They come with a full fitment kit
      A picture will be sent to you.

  4. Please mail me pictures and qoutes for silver amarok double cab fibre glass and aliminium

    1. Hi,

      Please refer to our website midrandcanopies.co.za to view pictures of these canopies.

  5. Can you please give me a price on n clip on cover for a Toyota Hilux extended cab

    1. A quote was sent to you

    2. Hi,
      Thanks for your enquiry. Price is R 4920.00 including fitment and VAT

  6. Good morning, I’ve spoken to Neil,
    Please send me a proforma invoice for a steel canopy, 150mm above cab, closed on the sides, window with mesh at the back door, full back door, roof rack bumper to bumper to fit a 2018 Isuzu fleetside

    1. A quote was sent to you

  7. Hi I am looking for a canopy on a Peugeot Landtrek D/Cab Silver, as well as a tow-bar. Can you give me a quote please. An Executive canopy.

    1. Hi

      We unfortunately do not have a towbar for this vehicle as yet. A quote will be sent to you for the canopy shortly

  8. Good day, I’m looking for nudge bar for 2020 toyota fortune. Kindly send me quote

    1. Hi
      I’ve sent you a quote on what’s app

  9. Good day,

    I am looking to buy some black powder coated nudge bars and roll bars and electric windows kits for new Nissan navara single cab!

    1. Hi
      We do not do electric window kits
      Please state year model
      how many nudge bars are you looking for?

  10. Hi, how much for 2018 toyota hilux dakar stainless steel

    1. Hi

      Kindly state your request

  11. I want to give a sincere thanks to the entire team at MIDRAND CANOPY CENTRE. They fitted two Securilids to two of my private vehicles and I can honestly say,the only thing overshadowing the quality of the products is the quality of the fitment and ultra friendly staff.
    I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for bakkie accessories give them a call.
    Thank you again.

    1. Thank you Angelo

      Always a pleasure to be service to our customers like yourself. Much appreciated

  12. Good day,
    I need a quote for the following:
    Alum canopy Mazda BT50 2016 model.
    Please also advise on the load bearing weight on top of the canopy.

    1. Hi

      A quote was just sent to you

      It had a loading capacity of 250 KGS – spread weight.

  13. Hi – what’s the price for the clip on –
    and do you do repairs also on the clip-on?

    1. Hi
      Please state vehicle type and whether you have a rollbar on the bakke.

      We don’t carry our repairs to covers

      Kind Regards

  14. How much for Hilux Lengend 50 club cab trailes

    1. Hi
      A quote was sent to you

  15. Can you please give me a price for a canopy for a Suzuki Supercarry

    1. Hi

      We unfortunately do not manufacture for the Super Carry

  16. hi

    i am looking for Towbar for Toyota Fortuner 2021 model and fitting

    1. Hi
      A quote was sent to you

  17. I want to find about towbar and rollerbar for gwm p series

    1. Hi Philly

      A quote was just sent to you

      Kindly confirm receipt

  18. Hi can you fit a loadbin on an NP300 bakkie

    1. Thank you for your enquiry
      A quote was sent to you

  19. Hi there,

    Please send a quote for H100

    1. Hi

      Please state type of canopy you are requiring a quote on

  20. Pse quote to Rubberize a ISUZU D-teq D/C. (3mm thick)

    1. Hi
      A quote was sent to you

  21. Morning we are urgently looking for a canopy for P series GWM 2021 – we currently got a Tonneau cover on.

    1. Hi

      A quote has been sent to you

  22. Good morning I would like to get a quote for a canopy Toyota hilux srx 2.4 gd6 2019 workhorse

    1. Hi

      A quote was sent to you

  23. Hi I want a nudge bar, sidesteps, rear stepbar for legend 40 double cab 2009 model. Please let me know asap if you have any and what the price for it will be.

    1. A quote was just sent to you

  24. Good morning.

    Can you quote me on a Ranger 2016 D/C sports bar and nudge bar.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi

      A quote has just been sent to you

      We closed on the 12th and will only reopen on the the 6th
      Kind Regards

  25. Hello can you send me a quote for a Tonneau cover for VW Amarok including fitting.
    Also the aluminum sliding cover for vw amarok. Thank you

    1. A quote has been sent to you

  26. I need a new canopy with no glass windows on the sides

    1. Hi

      Please state type of type of vehicle, year model and whether it is a double cab or single cab


    1. A quote was sent to you

  28. Hi.
    Please could I have a quote for a 2008 Ford Ranger Super Cab Tonneau Cover (Elasticated Rope tie-on)


    1. A quote was sent to you

  29. Good day,

    I would like to enquire about a canopy for my Mercedes Benz X Class.

    Is there a RSI Smart Evo Sport Stainless Steel Canopy available for my bakkie?

    If possible please send me a quotation.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Good Afternoon

      Unfortunately, we do not manufacture the EVO SPORT Canopy for the Mercedes X Class as yet

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