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VW Amarok Canopies and Accessories

Midrand Canopy Centre are suppliers of various types of canopies, ranging from fibre glass canopies, aluminium canopies and steel canopies.We have a canopy to suite you every need, be it leisure or commercial!We also supply and fit various other accessories such as sporty roof rails, nudge bars, rollbars, side steps,body cladding bonnet protectors, fender flares and so on.

Our Beekman range of VW Amarok comes in fibre-glass canopies are made to fit Double Cabs and Single Cabs. We also have canopies for the VW Transporter Double  Cabs.

FEATURES ON EXECUTIVE MODELS: Rear Spoiler / Lockable Rear Door / Interior Light / 3rd Brake Light / Air Vents / Speaker Box Housing (x2) / Side Sliding Windows / Cab Sliding Window / Gabriel Gas Lifts / Modern Roof Racks

Optional Extras – Cab Slider | Colour Coding | Rubberising

FEATURES ON STANDARD MODELS: Lockable Rear Door / Side Sliding Windows / Gabriel Gas Lifts

Optional Extras – Cab Slider | Colour Coding | Rubberising


                                             RSI  Stainless Steel Smart Canopies

RSI Smart Canopies are more than just a tough, safe and reliable high-quality pickup truck canopy with an abundant level of key features – Durable Light Weight Stainless Steel construction being top of the list and can stand the toughest off road conditions. The product is made from Automotive Grade Stainless Steel and has a lightweight design, less than 85 Kilogram’s (Double Cabs) and is extremely durable.

Rock Solid Industry Canopy products comes standard with key features which include solid side opening doors, Front and Rear Fixed Window, Colour Matching, Tinted High Quality Windows and Running Roof Rails.

The new RSI EVO Canopy  range has recently been launched. It has a more sleeker look with flush mounted windows and lost of other features.The Standard  RSI TUV Canopy Range is equally as good.

Optional extras that can be included in your canopy: Side Sliding Windows, Cab Sliding Window, Anti-Theft Rear Door Mesh, Roof Mounted Table Unit, Internal LED Lights and Air vents. You can design the Unit Exactly to your specifications and requirements.

RSI Warranty 

All RSI  Smart Canopies comes with full 1 year comprehensive warranty on all parts and workmanship. The unit is Fully Secure with insurance approved Key Alike Locks ensuring your peace of mind. The Unit is Weather Proof Ensuring your Canopy is Protected from the Elements.

Leadtime to Manufacture  is usually 18 – 20 working days if stock is not readily available.

Standard Features – RSI EVO Canopy

  • New Sleek Profile (Angled Rear)
  • Flush Mounted Tinted Sliding Windows
  • Colour Matched Paintwork
  • Black Doors to match the vehicle windows
  • Rear Brake Light
  • Roof Rails (Compatible with M8 Bolts)
  • Filtered Air Vent For Positive Air Pressure
  • Windows Front (Sliding) and Rear (Fixed)
  • 350kg Roof Capacity


For More Ifo on RSI Canopies >>

                                                             Rhinoman Aluminium Canopies

Rhinoman Canopies are used both for leisure and off-road purposes and are available for the  VW Amarok Double Cabs.

The Canopies come in three different categories:

  • Rhino-Cab Canopy
  • Rhino-Lite Alu Canopy
  • Super-Lite Canopy

Rhinoman Canopies (Made of Automotive Grade Aluminium) can take a loading capacity of 350 Kilograms. Perfect for Roof Top Tenting or Loading extra goods on top whilst travelling. Both the Rhino-Cab as well as the Rhino Lite come with a natural dust inhibitor which is built into the unit. This will help with dust control. However for maximum protection you may need to dust seal your tailgate which can be obtained from Midrand Canopy Centre as well.

Both the Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite Canopies are powder coated. Colour matching is an optional extra.  Rhinoman Canopies comes in standard colours. For example, you can choose the vehicle colour for the frame and one of  the standard  colours  for the doors which will give you a two colour combination.Check out the image below to get an idea of how you can play around with the colour variants for your product at the best possible pricing.

Colour variants include: Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark grey, Black and White.


Rhinoman Canopy Features:

  • Cab Sliding / Solid front window
  • Wide rear door with fixed solid glass
  • Solid side doors
  • Optional – Side sliding windows / Solid side windows
  • Leadtime: 3 weeks to manufacture

For More Info on Rhinoman Canopies >

                                      Securilid Roller Shutter Load Bin Covers

A Securi lid  load body cover or an aluminium roller shutter cover for your bakkie works in a similar way to that of a garage roller shutter door. The Securi lid  aluminium roller shutter cover works on the exactly the same principle. It remains locked when not in use and roll’s up when you need to access the load bin. Commonly known as Armadillo.  Best known as Securi lid,  Lockable Bakkie Covers and Bakkie Roll Top Covers, Roller Shutter Cover and so on.

Although the Securi lid is usually referred or described by various names eg., Roller Shutter Cover or System, Load Body Covers, Lockable Bakkie Covers, Roll Top Covers, Bakkie Roller Covers and Bin Covers  to name a few, it is and remains a Securi lid. The concept of the roller shutter system remains the same.

The quality of the Securi lid is second to none. Made of Aluminium and made to last. It’s just a quality product. Midrand Canopy Centre are an authorized fitment centre for Securi-Lid and we offer quality fitments and superior after sales service.                                                                            

Currently all Securi lids  lids are based on the 216 concept. The 218 Securi lid has just been  launched. These are only available for  the VW Amarok Extreme at this stage.

You may ask what’s the difference between the 216 Securi lid and the 218 Securi lid.  The 218 has a more sleeker loo. The  new moulded handle not only provides a more comfortable grip when opening the lid, but the lid now retracts to multiple stopping positions, giving you the option of part-use of your load space when needed. You can also access your goods through the tailgate without opening the Securi lid.


VW AMAROK Extreme – Roller Shutter Cover /Rolltop Lid

VW Amarok Nudge Bar, Front Styling Bar, Roll Bar/Sports Bar and Side Steps /Side Bars

Midrand Canopy Centre provides the widest variety of Nudge Bars, Roll Bars, Bull Bars, Side Steps, Grill Guards and Bumper replacements to name a few, for almost all current models of  bakkies in South Africa. We stock a wide range supplier products such as: Artav/Sycor/Kilber/Maxe/Excaliber/Xcrossbow and BTM.

You may purchase  any one of our stylish range of the latest Nudge Bar, Front Styling Bar, Roll Bar/Sports Bar, Bull Bar, Side Steps, Towbar and any other bakkie accessory at our store, at highly competitive prices and have them fitted at our store or alternately at  your nearest fitment centre should you wish to.

If, for example, you purchase any one of our SYCOR/ARTAV  products, we will ship the product to you (within the borders of South Africa), free of charge. Call our office now. Get a glimpse of images below on the type of products on offer.



VW Amarok Nudge Bars and Roll Bars

Price List with Part Numbers and Year Models

Stainless Steel Accessories
Part Number Year Model Product Description Price: Vat Inc. / Fitted
Amarok Canyon Range 2017 >
250050T 2017 > Amarok Sports Bar (Canyon Range) R 6 383.00
250051T 2017 > Amarok Side Styling Bar (Canyon Range) R 4 445.00
Amarok Facelift Oval Range 2017 >
250021T 2017 > Amarok Nudge Bar (PDC Approved) R 4 300.65
250022T 2017 > Amarok Extended Sports Bar R 5 221.20
250023T 2017 > Amarok Extended Sports Bar – Canopy Friendly R 5 221.20
Amarok Oval Range 2010 – 2016
250020T 2010 – 2016 Amarok Oval Double Tube Side Steps – Double Cab R 4 635.00
Black Stainless Accessories
Part Number Year Model Product Description Price: Vat Inc. / Fitted
Amarok Canyon Range 2017 >
 BS-250050 2017 > Sports Bar R 5 536.13
 BS-250051 2017 > Side Styling Bar R 4 203.75
Amarok Facelift Oval Range 2017 >
 BS-250021 2017 > Facelift PDC Nudge Bar R 3 913.05
 BS-250022 2017 > Facelift Extended Sports Bar R 4 397.55
 BS-250023 2017 > Facelift Extended Sports Bar – Canopy Friendly R 3 257.55

VW Amarok Sporty Roof Rails and Front Styling Bars – Vegas


                                                        VW Amarok Body Cladding and Fender Flares











Sporty Roof Rails – VW Amarok 

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