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Rubberizing/Spray On Linings for Bakkies


Rubberizing for Bakkies is a perfect way to protect your load bin. Rubberising (Polyurethane Bakkie Linings) is a virtually indestructible polyurethane coating sprayed onto a surface under high pressure, which forms a protective barrier on the surface.This is theĀ most common application is bakkie linings, in which the load bin of a Light Delivery Vehicle (LDV or bakkie) is coated, and offers excellent protection against corrosion, abrasion and impact damage.

Each vehicle is prepared before the spray on lining can be done. This must be done prior otherwise the substance will not stick to the loadbin. After the spray application drys, the rubber is carefully cut and made neat. Each vehicle is covered in large plastic sheeting before any spraying to the vehicle is done to ensure no overspray occurs.

The coating protects your goods from moving around in the bin of the vehicle thereby protecting your load. Rubberising for bakkies comes in standard 3mm or heavy duty 5mm. We rubberise half tonne bakkies, Long wheel base vehicles, double cabs, safari vehicles, trailers or anything that can be rubberized. We are also able to do panel vans such as Ford Transit and VW Crafters, etc.RUBBERIZING

You may request your Bakkie rubberizing done in different variances. You can either have it sprayed on as a harder rubber or softer rubber depending on what you are using your vehicle for. Try our WaterLook Rubberizing. It is important to to consider the present and future use of your vehicle before making a decision. Both products are strong and made to last. Rubberising should be considered for any Bakkie as a protective barrier as well as rust protection. Its important to note that the harder rubber is stronger and lasts much longer.

The approximate time to rubberise a vehicle is between 3-4 hours depending on the type of vehicle in question. Important to note: Not all Rubberising products are the same. Be careful of cheap variants and DIY jobs. We only use SABS approved quality products ensuring the best workmanship and finish. You get a 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty with the spray on application.


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