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Cattle Rails | Tralies | Stockman Rails | Made out of 50mm & 38mm piping. Mild Steel. Powder Coated. Best rails on the market.


Manufacturing Cattle Rails  since 45 years ago.

Cattle Rails, also known as Tralies and/or Stockman Rails  are one and the same thing.  Generally used for loading sheep or cattle onto the bakkie without the livestock being able to escape, it was and still reamins its primary purpose.  In this day and age, the so-called cattle rails are now used for either loading other types of goods as well, especially in the urban areas and amonsgt the city dwellers. City slickers, farmers, hunters, we have a rail for you !Generally admired for more for its looks, it’s a great accessory to have.

Our latest  design of cattle rails consists of a detachable system with removable cross bars as well which can also be taken off, should you not choose to install a canvas cover. Orders are usually met withing 48 hrs, if not within 15 working days, depending on the model and bakkie types. It is just a quality product, yyou cab never go wrong.


Mahindra Skaap Tralies

Stockman Cattle Rails



Isuzu Cattle Rails

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We produce cattle rails for just about any Bakkie with the exception of larger bakkies such as Hyundai, Kia etc . Cattle rails are built to order for certain vehicles. Fitment generally takes around 2 – 3 hours.  Goods take up to 48 hours from placing your order, subject to availability, prior fitment.

If you’re outside of Gauteng and provided you are within the borders of SA, we can ship the goods to you for an additional charge,  should you wish to purchase the goods online and the rails are relatively easy to install.

Call or whats app us for quote on 011-3141268 or on 0824574198

We are conveniently situated in Midrand.



  1. Good day. Could please quote me on cattle rails for a Isuzu single cab long wheel base bakkie. 2 options : the one that aligns with the bakkie and the one just over the bakkie. Also please include shipment to PE. Kind regards Melissa

  2. Morning

    I am looking for a price on cattle rails for my Ford ranger 2013 model 3.2 auto 4×4.

    Please sent quote and availability or time frame to manufacture.

    add delivery cost to Jeffery’s bay


  3. Good day

    Please quote me for cattle rails for the 2015 Isuzu KB300DTeg Extended Cab. The bakkie currently has a roll bar, will it be removed when the rails are installed?

  4. Good day please send quote for rails on isuzu extended cab I have a picture to exactly what they must look like. Please whattsapp me for picture info. 0826277082

  5. Good Afternoon,

    Please send me a quote for Cattle rails for a 2014 Ford Ranger Double Cab XLS.

    Thank you and kind regards,

  6. hi could you please quote me on hunting rails with 2x chairs required for Nissan Patrol SGL 4×4 single cab bakkie 2020 model
    will need it all in kit form as i will need to transport it to Mozambique and do fitment myself

  7. Good day.

    Would like to request a qoute for cattle rails for Toyota Hilux double cab 2015 model ( legend 45)

    Also a canvas conopy.


  8. Good afternoon

    I would like to request a quote for a canvas canopy cover for a single cab Isuzu k250 (new shape) fitted with stockman rails.

    Do you’ll have them already pre made and in stock?

    Email address: Sinenjongospamla@gmail.com


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