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Midrand Canopy Centre provides the widest variety of Nudge Bars, Bull Bars, Roll Bars, Side Steps,Grill Guards and Bumper replacements for almost all current Model bakkies in South Africa.

Nudge Bars

Nudge Bars come in Stainless Steel (Chrome), Black Stainless Steel or Black Mild Steel. Some accessories are available in different variants such as high, low or  full face wrap around. These accessories are normally used to make the vehicles look nicer, it actually finishes off bakkies really well. Nudge Bars are available for most new model vehicles and in some instances, older vehicles as well. Most of the units come with Airbag insurance, should your airbags not deploy if you are in an accident, you will be automatically covered for up to R20million. This is to ensure peace of mind when fitting a Nudge Bar to your Vehicle. Does your vehicle have Park Distance Control? We have units that works with (PDC). Nudge Bars are available for the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner,  Isuzu KB, Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Chev Utility and NP200, etc. Bars for other vehicles are available upon request and depending on the manufactures availability

Roll Bars

Roll bars are available for most makes of vehicles with the Amarok, Ford Ranger T6, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu KB being the most popular item. These Roll Bars come in powder coated black, Black Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel where available. Roll Bars are now being called (Top Styling Bars) as the description “Roll Bar”gives one an idea that you will be safe should your car be involved in an accident. This is not the case. You will have very little protection should you roll your vehicle, and that is why the change of name. The Top Styling bar is really more aesthetic  value than anything else.

Side Steps

Our Oval range of side steps fits all makes of the latest bakkies and certain SUVs’ such as Amarok, Ford Ranger T6, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu KB etc. Obtainable in Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel.

What is Black Stainless Steel Nudge / Roll Bars?

Black Stainless Steel is a Stainless Steel product powder coated black. The product is superior grade compared to Mild Steel Nudge and Roll Bars. Black Stainless Steel Nudge Bars and Roll Bars are only available for most bakkies, such as Toyota, Ford, Isuzu,  VW Amarok, etc.

What is Black Mild Steel Nudge / Roll Bars?

Black Mild Steel products are made of Milder Steel, then powered coated black. It is not as strong as the Stainless Steel products and is normally cheaper in price.

Is Stainless Steel / Chrome the same?

Yes it is the same thing, its a Stainless Steel / Chrome Mirror Polish Finish.

Bull Bars

Bullbars are designed for  maximum protection against damage to your vehicle mainly the radiator, headlights and bumper. Bull Bars have become rather popular in South Africa mainly because South Africans love their outdoor adventures and is used for off road trails and other off road activities.Many people travel in farmed or rural areas and have a higher risk of hitting smaller animals which can cause major damage to a vehicle.  Although it is popular to fit a bullbar for offroad use, it is becoming more prevalent that people are now just fitting them for aesthetic looks as a primary option. The Bull Bar offers full frontal protection of the vehicle.


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